Raquel Balencia's collections are created by the homonymous fashion designer.

In an historic moment where fashion trends run fast, our designer establish herself with her particular vision of beauty, elegance and romance.

The most precious fabrics, delicate embroideries, hand-made silk flowers and a touch of distinctive rose gold, are the tools used in her atelier to sublimate womanliness.

Focusing in fantasy, with simple designs and noble materials, Raquel Balencia creates sophisticated looks that enhance women's silhouettes with grace, while maintaining a deliberate chic and sassy nuance.

Impeccable cuts that reclaim an assumed feminity, flowing gows, generous volumes and high-waists dresses are designed to become every women wearable dream.

A knowledge of an exceptional meticulousness.Enterely designed and produced in Italy, the collection fascinates us with its exclusive flair and attention to detail, that resounds with the precision of haute couture.